Will America Follow in Japan’s Footsteps and Start Accepting Bitcoin?

Will America Follow in Japan’s Footsteps and Start Accepting Bitcoin?

The world of Bitcoin has long been the murky waters of uncertainty, as many of us don’t know much about it. But, this is beginning to change as more and more people understand the universal benefits and appeal of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is growing in strength and influence, and, in a few years time, it could become a global phenomenon.

The huge advantage of it is the fact that it cuts out the middleman, i.e. banks, and there is complete and total transparency. This makes it a trustworthy and user-friendly currency, and one which more and more business vendors are beginning to embrace. There are so many advantages to the use of Bitcoin that we are starting to feel its influence already.

People are starting to make more and more transactions using Bitcoin, and there are plenty of places they can be used now. We have also seen the gambling world embracing Bitcoin as the future. So many casinos now accept Bitcoin as a currency, and many of them are specific Bitcoin casinos.

It’s pretty clear that Bitcoin is on the rise, and Japan has already embraced it completely. Over 20,000 business merchants in Japan currently accept Bitcoin, and this is a number that seems like it will grow over the years. It’s very important to get on board during this development phase because the price of these coins is only going to increase and get better.

Will America follow suit and start to embrace Bitcoin on the same level as Japan? Well, it seems like this will only be a matter of time, and we could see the US make a lot of headway in the next few years.

Indeed, if we look at the price of Bitcoin, we can see how important and powerful they are in the digital marketplace right now. One Bitcoin is valued at around $1,000USD, so it’s clear this currency will pack a punch. If the new President chooses to make America more self-contained and cut off trade routes, online currency could become the future much more quickly.

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